Under our HR consulting services, we provide staffing solutions for companies internationally.

Talent, more than any other one thing, is the major factor affecting profitability of the modern enterprise. You can improve the quality of talent that your organization acquires by having a HR consultancy at hand to support your organization during the recruitment process. IBEC Services offers highly structured HR Consultancy services for our clients. We are recruitment specialists and manpower consultants with several products designed to make local and international hiring convenient and effective.

We also have a strong track record in executive recruitment. Our services are designed to be flexible to allow you to be involved as much, or as little as you desire. We offer talent management consultancy for firms seeking excellence in HR. We also carry out HR assessments such as psychometric tests and employee satisfaction surveys for the benefit of employers as part of our career consultancy services.

We classify our HR services in the following four areas.

  • Flexible Staffing Service
  • Outsourced Labor Program
  • Seasonal Labor Program
  • Executive Search Recruitment

The IBEC connects Kenyans who are looking for work in the UAE by linking them with potential jobs in the GCC countries. After receiving your CV, we match it against actual job openings available in the gulf. We then facilitate interviews with the potential employer and thereafter offer advice and support regarding health, visa, and immigration in the GCC countries as their consultants in dubai. To benefit from our services, please get in touch through the contact details provided below.

1.2. Can You Help My Organization to Recruit Staff in Kenya?

We are eager to help any company to recruit staff within Kenya. Our core business under our HR services is staff recruitment. Our passion in this area arises from the satisfaction of seeing great employers meeting talented people to form lasting relationships. We pride ourselves in our high success rate in matching employers to potential workers. We have subscription in all the leading job search sites, and we are also in possession of a large pool of CVs that we use to find the right staff for your establishment.

1.3. Do You Handle The Entire Recruitment Process For Your Clients Or Do You Allow The Client To Participate In The Process?

We have the capacity to handle the entire recruitment process for you, which usually culminates in the handing over of a prioritized shortlist of qualified applicants. However, we usually allow potential employers to determine the degree of involvement they would like to have in the recruitment process as may be required by their HR policies. In other words, we are comfortable working with both the employers who want to be intimately involved in the recruitment process, and those who only want the final list of candidates for them to make a pick.

1.4. Do You Offer Executive Recruitment Services?

We offer executive recruitment services for organizations that need to recruit the best candidates to lead their company. We carry out several assessments of the potential candidates to find the ones who have strong leadership skills, technical ability, and a value system that is compatible with the hiring organization. We know that the success of every organization depends on its capacity to identify the right leaders to fill its management positions and the presence of focused personnel management practices.